When men try to buy lingerie, then most of the men fail in it in a terrible way. They do not know how to buy the right kind of lingerie for their female partner. Well, if you are in the same situation, then you can try those tips that London escort girls try while shopping it for their use. I learned those tips from a beautiful London escort and I am sharing it with you so you can also get benefit for same.

Know the size: Knowing the right size is the most important thing that you have to keep in your mind while buying lingerie. At least my London escort partner said this to me and I can say she was right about it. If you do not know the right size then you will either buy a bigger one, or you will buy a small one. In any of the case, your girl will not hot and sexyfeel comfortable and she may not look good in it. Each and every London escort girl pay attention on the size and buy the right size lingerie My paid dating partner that I got via London escort service suggested the same thing to me and agreed with her opinion.

Choose a good brand: When I talking about lingerie with a London escort, then she told me that a good brand is essential to get the best result. She told me if I will not choose a good brand, then I might get lingerie that does not look good and my girl may not look sexy in it. This is certainly one of those things that is well tested by London escort girls and that is why I do not have any kind of disagreement with this opinion. And when I did the shopping, then I also chose a good brand for same.

Choose colour properly: To get a good look in lingerie, London escort girls choose the colour of this dress in wise manner. If a girl looks good in dark colour then she would prefer to choose dark option and if she looks sexy in light color, then girls would choose light coloured lingerie. My London escort partner suggested this also to me and she

asked me to keep this thing in my mind while doing this shopping I have no reason to deny this fact because she did this shopping so many times and she was more experienced in it compared to me.

Do not shy when you buy: this is the most important thing that I learned from London escort girl. She told me not to shy while buying lingerie for any use. She said, if I will have any kind of shyness in the purchase, then I would not be able to ask all of my questions and that will affect the overall experience. I can say that was another thing that I got from them and when I tried this method in the purchasing of lingerie, then it gave good result to me.

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